Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens Carl Jung.

Local communities and our plush neighborhoods lack basic facilities like banking. This deficit bites hard during weekends and late night. A community bank concept can provide a community with economic growth. A critical examination on banking provides insight about how establishing a community bank can improve both welfare and other essential elements of social-economic development. Security is boosted once a bank is set up. This is done with an aim of boosting the security and protects the bank. While this is important for the local community, it serves a greater purpose in development. As such, more investments are established here since investors like a secure environment to establish new businesses. This promises a better time for the community bank and this latent society. The bank has a secure market and a growing consumer base as more businesses come up.

The benefits of a community bank are observed, especially when efficiency in service delivery is involved. Businesses in this environment thrive since the bank provides solutions to financial problems. Such businesses benefit from the bank since the bank provides them with money to increase stocks and engage in diversification. Security is also boosted in such an area. This is very good for the business community. People love living in secure environment. In such an environment, businesses will thrive and consumers will be happy while buying from secure outlets.

Infrastructure is improved to cater for increased business activity. This has more benefits in terms of increasing efficiency in service delivery. Many businesses are able to source their raw materials easily and efficiently under proper infrastructure.

More development is observed in areas of community culture. A secure and developing community attracts discipline and a code of ethics. This provides parents with a solution to issues of moral decadency. People are able to bank their money easily. Residents enjoy buying. Banks lend since it is confident about the borrower background. Apart from such developments, a community bank can help the establishment of a school and even a college. Many developments can be observed in an area with a community bank.

Robin Trehan, is banking and M&A expert.